Why? What? How?

Why are we doing this?
What are we planning to do?
How do we plan to achieve this?

Why all these questions and discussions? Why not simply pick the best facets of the various ideas presented by all of us and fuse them. It is like saying if you marry Bertrand Russell with Marilyn Monroe, their kids would be the most beautiful intellegentia on the planet. But, the reverse can also happen. To ladle out a design from the great melting pot of everybody’s great ideas is easy but it does not guarantee a coordinated successful philosophy.

To churn out ideas is easy but can be extremely expensive and detrimental to a long lasting impact on people and one must therefore spend adequate time, energy and resources in planning a strategy what we call a comprehensive and planned approach towards our cause.

We must bear in mind that the Idea being conceived is going to be looked at, talked about by people individually or in groups. When the point of contact between the various elements of the environment and the people becomes a point of friction, confusion or sheer blandness then the design principle has failed.

Conversely, if people are made to feel healthier, more comfortable, more eager, more willing to make repeat visits - or just plain happier - by contact with the environment then the Idea has succeeded and a positive long term association process would have started.

Image is multi-sensory and multidimensional and subject to fading without reinforcement. A positive image is everything a layman perceives. In turn it will either enhance or severely dent what we plan to achieve.

Design is the process of refining that image and giving it form. When manipulated with intelligence and intuition, the elements of design can create, reposition or evolve a brand personality. Charming or informative, witty or enticing, the message has to go through strongly.

Time spent on evolving a well thought out idea is time invested in establishing a workable strategy for continued success over the years. Change is always expensive and can damage or slow down the image building exercise. As the Japanese say; “It is better to spend one year on planning and a month on execution rather than a month on planning and years on execution”.